IoT Node board only
IoT Node board only

IoT Node board only

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Ideal for prototyping or the foundation of a low to medium volume IoT product. The IoT Node reduces your development time and effort by including the core functionality and expansion capability to meet a wide range of IoT product needs.


  • A stackable header enables the easy addition of features and functionality to meet your particular requirement.
  • Any microcontroller or communication module can be used, providing flexibility and preventing obsolescence.
  • You are free to use the communication type of your choice be it cellular, Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN or anything else.
  • The IoT Node is not tied to any particular cloud service. You are free to choose any cloud provider.


  • With mains, battery, or solar power options the IoT Node meets the power needs of most IoT applications.
  • A real-time clock makes time scheduling and logging functionality possible by keeping track of time when the internet fails. You also have the option to use the real-time clock to control the power, enabling low power applications with almost any communications module.
  • A micro SD socket is included for applications like data logging and persistent FRAM memory is included for high reliability applications that read and write often to memory.
  • For high reliability applications, a watchdog timer provides the capability to hardware reset in the event of software failure.


  • The IoT Node is published under an open hardware license so you are free to use and modify the design for personal or commercial purposes.


  • Assembled IoT Node PCB


See the Sentient Things documentation for details.